Edie Rice introducing the Advanced Elementary Band

Heather Ukrisna with students from the Beginning Elementary Band

El Segundo Music Stars Concert Huge Success

Elementary Band and Seaside Strings Play

At the El Segundo Performing Arts Center the enthusiasm was high as parents, relatives, friends and neighbors attended a wonderful performance by many of the young musicians in our schools. On Thursday evening, January 25th at 7 PM the sponsorship of the Elementary Band by the South Bay Music Association and the Seaside Strings by the ED Foundation proved to be greatly appreciated evidenced by the smiles and cheers of the audience, many seeing their children playing their instruments on stage for the first time.

The lack of state funding of music instruction in schools requires outside sources to raise the funds for the teachers and expenses needed to keep the music playing. Edie Rice and Heather Ukrisna were so proud of their Band Students as were Makena Clark and Kerri Epps teachers of the wonderful musical Strings Orchestra.

Both non-profit organizations, the ED Foundation and the South Bay Music Association depend on donations to continue their efforts often with after-school programs. It has been well-known and proven by statistics that students who play instruments are high achievers in school and have a greater love of learning.

Elementary Bands at Holiday Parade

Holiday Parade Down Main St El Segundo

The El Segundo Elementary Bands participated in the Annual El Segundo Holiday Parade down Main Street on Sunday, December 10th. The students' performed "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" for the judges booth and "Go Big Blue" to pump up the attendants spirits!